Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who wants to be Unreasonable?

We've featured the Unreasonable Institute on our blog in the past, but I wanted to share a recent video which 2 of the co-founders put together.

In the video, these young entrepreneurs lay out their summer institute, and the characteristics that they are looking for in their applicants.


Behind the Scenes with Unreasonable Institute Co-Founders from Teju Ravilochan on Vimeo.

***Forum ladies: let me know if you are interested in applying- applications are due December 15th.


  1. Thanks for the post Emily.

    We would LOVE for some of you to apply. Applications are closing December 15th. The average applicant thus far has said it takes them just 2-5 hours to complete their full application. Can't wait to see some of you apply!

    Tyler at the Unreasonable Institute

  2. The Unreasonable Institute is really awesome. very inspirational. a lot of our project is modeled on their business model. i was really interested in applying i think it would be an amazing experiance but unfortunatly i have to dedicate 40 hours which i cant do since ill be in my last year in college. lets hope for 2011 :)