Thursday, July 9, 2009

Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship

The time has finally come. Tomorrow morning I leave for Boston, where I will be linking up with all our partners and 30 students from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the 2-week Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that has made this program what it is, and I look forward to seeing what all the students will accomplish following the Symposium at Babson College.

The Symposium will be taking place on the Babson campus for the next 2 weeks, and is being implemented by Babson College, the Wellesley Centers for Women, and ICF International in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates during the Symposium- and join us for discussion in the comment sections!


  1. Finally arrived
    After longest trip I ever had
    We are really tiered... soooo exited about what we ganna learn and do here

    10the of July 2009 is the longest day on my life :D It was more than 24H.. And we had so much fun "at some part I know:D"

    We are so happy that we saw you again u and all lovely ladies here

    So gonna sleep now... we'll have a another long day... every day I think :D

    Sarah Sirajuddin

  2. I believe that this is a very positive thing to witness because the government is trying to get connected to the public. However, as a saudi I know facebook wasn't blocked in Saudi Arabia, maybe schools and offices blocked it internally to increase productivity. I myslef know that I wouldn't mind using facebook as a venue of improvement in my community.