Monday, April 6, 2009

Panel Discussions... continued...

Dear students,

As we mentioned last Thursday, the panel created so much excitement and conversation, that we did not want to leave the energy in the auditorium!

So- we wanted to encourage you all to continue your conversation here. At the bottom of this post there is a comments button- click on it, and let your voice be heard!


  1. Ladies: what was a common theme you could identify between all of the panelists stories?

    It seems many of them were instigated by a passion- was there any panelist you identified more strongly with?

  2. The panelists had many related themes that were extremely important and clear at the same time. They all were 100% convinced of the projects they have committed to; very passionate and eager to make a difference in their society; and had the leadership skills to persuade the right organizations to help them reach their goals. Even though they faced many difficulties during their journey, but this did not stop them from moving forward. I was really amazed by what they have accomplished and made me want to be in their seat 5 years from now.

    Reem Waez

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  4. Passion and perseverance were definitely two of the more prominent themes felt throughout the panelists' stories. Each of the women spoke of how they had to jump several blazing hurdles before getting anywhere near achieving their objectives. Having been stuck identifying community-related problems and their roots, I can't even count the many times I had to tell myself "hold on Alaa, that doesn't follow a logic sequence. Go back to your starting point." It's safe to say that our endurance will be tried and that gusts of passion for our project will be our only answer to impatience.

    I identified the most with Dr. Fatin from the Jeddah Chamber of Trade and Commerce and her Saving Jeddah Corniche campaign. She followed a simple yet effective sequence: from taking photographs of sour-looking scenery to grabbing attention of the public through everyday tech. tools like Facebook, Dr. Fatin was able to get her message across. Obstacles came and went and yet she still stood firmly for Jeddah's public beachside.